Project title: "Promotion of Industry 4.0 in the Region of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (I4.0@TMAD)"


Promoters: Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, School of Technology and Management of Lamego (Polytechnic Institute of Viseu), Association for the Development of Brigantia EcoPark



This Project results from of an initiative of the signatories to the “Letter of Commitments for the Development of the Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro Region” (2014), which aims to contribute to the promotion of collaborative regional I&I projects, thus fostering innovation collaborative relationship between companies and the regional R&I system, and strengthening business support institutions.

The fourth industrial revolution ("Industry 4.0" - I4.0) is under development, and concerns the integration of cloud-based technologies in the production processes and their network interconnection. The benefits, already identified in case studies in Germany, include: energy savings, waste reduction, safety increase, environmental conservation, error reduction, business transparency, and unprecedented personalization. Globally, the adoption of I4.0 by companies is at an embryonic stage. The concept has essentially been adopted by the manufacturing and automobile industries (mobility), and it is necessary to promote their incorporation into other sectors with significant regional relevance and potential benefits (in a context in which 99.98% of companies in the Region of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (TMAD) are SMEs), such as the Food industry, Natural Stone and Environment (eg renewable energies and energy efficiency).

The project will reduce the delay compared to other European regions in adopting I4.0, incorporating and enriching the available state of the art and knowledge, through the following approaches:

  1. Identification of the opportunities that I4.0 offers to companies (analysis of the starting point scenario, search for international reference scenarios, elaboration of technological roadmaps at the regional level).
  2. Familiarization of SMEs with the concept I4.0 (diagnosis and stakeholder needs assessment, demonstration laboratories, ideas incubator).
  3. Close collaboration between the various key actors and in particular with I4.0-enabled organizations (demonstration laboratories, surveillance and technology prospects, incubator of ideas, definition of concrete action plans, interconnection structure between the productive and the regional R & I system).
  4. Facilitating the knowledge and access of SMEs to the technological and financial instruments available for the transition to I4.0 (definition of concrete action plans, demonstrators, innovation awards).
  5. Evolution of processes, products and business models through demonstration and demonstration projects, such as coordination of industrial ecosystems and adaptation of productive processes to the digital world (intelligent data management, data modeling, etc.).
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